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Learn to Dive

Already know that you like diving?  Join the club and get qualified!

Whether you are starting your SCUBA training with the ‘Ocean Diver’ qualification or you are pushing forward towards ‘Advanced Diver’ or beyond, our instructors will help you every step of the way.

We are part of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) which is the world's largest not for profit diving organisation.  All of our training is carried out using BSAC standards.  As all of BSAC’s instructors are volunteers, our training is very cost effective with each new qualification typically costing around £20-50 in course and material fees (diving fees, and other costs eg. food, travel, training room hire etc.  may apply).  Divers with qualifications from any other diving agencies are welcome to join BSAC.  Crossover training is available where required.

We can deliver a wide range of courses from the BSAC syllabus – including specialist skills – through our own club instructors.  As a member of BSAC you will also have access to all courses run nationally through the regional divisions of the club.

As with all of our diving, safety is the main focus of our training.

Please use the contact form to enquire about any training you are interested in.